The Mosquito Aircraft Association of Australia Incorporated

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Welcome to the MAAA


To advance and preserve the memory of those persons who designed, produced, flew and serviced the DH98 Mosquito Aircraft.

To assist the RAAF Museum at RAAF Base Williams, Point Cook, Victoria, Australia to restore Mosquito PR XVI designated A52-600.


For a complete set of our Incorporation Rules click here.

Membership and funding

The MAAA is a privately funded Association seeking funds from the public and its membership. We will happily accept new members (active and non-active) and any donations to assist with the restoration of A52-600.

To donate: Please forward any donations to the mailing address below—a taxation deduction receipt will be returned.

Membership in the MAAA is open to anyone having a common interest in Warbirds and Mosquito A52-600 in particular. Members are kept in touch with the project and other interesting matters through the issue of regular Bulletins.


To join: Please send us an email to the address below to get things started.


Annual subscription is A$25.00 per year.


The Mosquito Aircraft Association of Australia Incorporated, ("the Association") is a privately funded charitable organisation which has no connection with any other body. The views and opinions expressed in any article and/or publication by the Association are those of the Association and/or its contributors, and not of the Australian Department of Defence, the RAAF Museum or any other body.


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Mailing Address:     34 Argus Street, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia 3192     

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Past Bulletins (in .pdf format) are available by clicking the MAAA Bulletins button on the left.